With Christmas over with, I have some Jo-Ann’s gift cards in my wallet that I immediately spent on fabric and supplies for a new cosplay: Rapunzel.

To make this, I’m using three different patterns and combining them together:

  • McCall’s #7363 for the skirt
  • Simplicity’s Snow White and Cinderella pattern for just the bodice (which is a separate piece from the skirt)
  • The 3/4 sleeves I’m free handing

Here are the different fabrics I chose


The farthest to the left is the fabric for the skirt, this is a polyester fabric.  Next over is the sheer fabric for the 3/4 sleeves.  Second to last is the fabric for the puff of the sleeves, this is a cotton-polyester blend.  Lastly, the swirly fabric is for the bodice.  All of these were purchased at Jo-Ann’s.

I’ll keep you all posted, I’m planning on starting with the skirt because it will probably be the fastest part of the process.  Keep looking here for updates 🙂