WALL-E (2008), written by Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon, directed by Andrew Stanton

Overall Rating: 5/10

I know my rating of this movie is probably making you freak out, but hear me out.  I do not think WALL-E is a bad movie in the slightest, my ratings are just based on it being compared to the other Pixar movies and how they fall on my scale.

WALL-E is about earth in the future, where it has been abandoned and flooded with robots to help clean up the mess.  All of humankind has been in a spaceship, the Axiom, for 700 years waiting for earth to be healthy to live on again.  WALL-E seems to be the last of the robots cleaning the earth, and he has a particular interest in humans and their artifacts.  Eve, a mysterious robot sent from the Axiom, has come to search for any signs of life.  WALL-E falls in love with her and the two hit it off, until she finds a seedling he had discovered and completely shuts down.  They both return to the Axiom and work along with the captain to try to get humankind back to earth again.

First, the things I loved: I loved WALL-E’s admiration for Hello Dolly and the music from it.  I loved the animation and the message of the film.  I loved Eve and WALL-E together and their supporting cast of robots, like Mo and the malfunctioning robots.

I have a hard time getting through WALL-E because it feels like it moves very slowly and I have a hard time staying focused on it.  I don’t mind slow movies, I loved Saving Mr. Banks and Gone With the Wind.  I just didn’t sympathize with the characters a lot and I wish there had been more relationships between the robots and humans.  Everyone seemed so disconnected (which may have been on purpose because of the increasing technology in their lives), and it was just difficult to watch as humankind spun into laziness and lack of ambition.

Again, this is a great movie, very cute, I just don’t connect with it as much as others do.  We all appreciate things in different ways and this is not a film I really found to enjoy as much as other Pixar movies

Current Rankings:

  1. The Incredibles
  2. Ratatouille
  3. WALL-E