I’ve waited years to play this game because I was so nervous about not being able to sleep at night after I played it.  However, after much consideration, I braved through it and was able to finish the whole game probably in about 15 hours total.

Those of you not familiar with the Her Interactive Nancy Drew video game series, this is a great first game in order to convince those unfamiliar that this is not just a game for children.  It can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Let’s start off with the story: Nancy has been sent on a relaxing vacation in Japan where she is staying in a ryokan in order to be completely immersed in Japanese culture.  However, the inn she is staying at is known to be haunted and her fun quickly turns into another mystery she must solve.  Consisting of an old family business, bickering siblings, and frightening ghosts, this game surely has enough subplots to keep players on their toes.

The game itself  is definitely one of the better games in the Navy Drew series that I’ve played.  It is probably in my top three favorite games in the series.  The graphics are amazing and the storyline has a nice arc that really allow you to solve this mystery step by step.  The characters are super fun to talk to and there are a variety of different personality types which definitely kept the game interesting.

The only thing I didn’t love was that the puzzles are so incredibly difficult.  Some of them took me almost 3 sessions of gameplay before they were completed.  If you’re one to enjoy tough puzzles, this game is definitely for you.

All in all thoroughly enjoyed the game and would recommend it to a friend.