Monsters University (2013),  written by Dan Gerson, Robert L. Baird, and Dan Scanlon, directed by Dan Scanlon

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Pixar sequels truly redeem all of the poorly made (and rarely spoken of) Disney Animation sequels.  Monsters University is an easy to enjoy story that brings back the beloved characters of Monsters Inc..

The story follows a college bound Mike Wisowski, from when he is young and dreaming of college, to the day he steps off the bus.  He has been accepted into a highly competitive scare program with hopes to become a scarer and work for Monsters Inc..  James P. Sullivan, another scare student, has similar hopes and a reputation to go along with it.  When they’re both kicked out of the program, they pull together a team of unlikely candidates to compete in the “scare games” with hopes of winning back a spot in the program.

My favorite part about this movie was actually the ending.  It ended realistically and wasn’t predictable, based on where Monsters Inc. starts off.  The lessons learned from Mike and Sully’s failure is what drives them to ultimately become scarers on the scare floor.

I enjoyed the university feel.  Overall, the story wasn’t really deep or relatable, but it was never boring.  I disliked most of the characters that were added in for this movie.  All the members of OK I found to be flat, however it was balanced out by Sully and Mike and didn’t take away from their character development.

It was nice getting to see how an uptight, small monster like Mike and a large, laid back monster like Sully ended up as best friends and work colleagues.  That was the goal of the film and they achieved it in an above average sequel.


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