WARNING: there may be mild spoilers ahead, proceed with caution!

On Thursday night, I went to the first showing available for the new Beauty and the Beast with my best friend.  It was nice to sit in an audience of mostly adults who were Disney fans, as the showing was at 7pm on a Thursday night.  I had been waiting in anticipation for this film for many reasons.  Firstly, my favorite actress of all time, Emma Thompson, was playing Mrs. Potts, which is a dream come true.  Secondly, the story of Beauty and the Beast is one that’s touched my heart since I was young.  I’ve always identified the most with Belle of all the princesses and it’s so exciting that a live action remake is happening.  The messages of not judging others based on appearance and that people can change are so important in America’s current state.  I’m glad this film was released when it was.

The first thing I noticed was how differently everyone approached their characters.  No one tried to copy exactly what the characters were like in the 1991 animated film.  They all made it their own, which made the film more interesting to watch.  Maurice was a more developed character in this film, as was Le Fou, which added new elements to the story as a whole.

Musically, the two leads lacked ability and were heavily autotuned.  However, their acting in these moments of song were so strong that I almost didn’t even notice.  It was only back when I listened to the soundtrack that I really noticed.  My personal favorite numbers were “Gaston”, “Be Our Guest”, and “Days in the Sun” (which was an original song for this movie).

There were mild plot lines that were added, some of which were effective, while others were not.  I don’t want to go into too much detail, as I wanted to make this as spoiler-free as possible, but they were trying to add layers to the overall message of the story.  They were good messages, but so underdeveloped that the friend I was with missed them completely.

All that being said though, I really enjoyed this movie.  It was fun to relive the story and be part of the magic a generation later.