Monsters Inc. (2001), written by Andrew Stanton and Dan Gerson and directed by Pete Doctor

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Monsters Inc. takes place in the world where the “monsters under your bed” live.  The entire society gets their energy from scream power which is acquired by scarers who go through teleporting doors to scare children at night.  The main plot revolves around Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (“Sully”), who are the top scaring team in the whole of “Monsters Inc.”  However, when following a Randell, a competitive scarer, who was scaring after hours, a human child gets released into the monster world.  Now, Mike and Sully have to find a way to get the child back to the human world without getting caught, as human children are “toxic” to them.  Along the way they make many discoveries which could alter the fate of the monster world forever.

This movie is the absolute epitome of a great movie.  The humor is fresh and witty while still maintaining very human emotions and themes in the monster world.  This film had me and my dad laughing at every other line.

As far as characters go, Mike and Sully had the perfect chemistry, which was enhanced after watching Monsters University.  Their personalities perfectly balanced each other out and adding Boo to the mix made the group seem like a sitcom family.  Randall, who is the villain of the story, was absolutely delightful to hate and the twist at the end of the movie was absolutely genius.  It surprised audiences without slipping the rug completely out from under them.

Current Ranking:

  1. Monsters Inc.
  2. The Incredibles
  3. Ratatouille
  4. Monsters University
  5. The Good Dinosaur
  6. Monsters University